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Brianna and Jeremy

Please join us in celebrating our loving union on

Our Love Story

Brianna and Jeremy met at age 10 and 11 at Jones Magnet Middle School. Since meeting in 2003, they remained close friends until the end of high school when they briefly dated for a short period of time. This romance was abbreviated by the different paths life took each of them on, which landed them in different cities for college. Despite this, Brianna and Jeremy remained friends and kept in regular contact with one another. In 2018, Brianna completed Physician Assistant school and Jeremy returned to Hampton Roads from Raleigh, NC after completing his bachelors degree. For the first time in several years, the two were finally in the same city again. Brianna relocated to New York City to begin her career later that year, but distance means so little when a person means so much. What started out as reconnecting with an old friend turned deeply romantic by the end of 2019. Brianna and Jeremy had been dating long distance since early 2020, and became engaged in November of 2022. They have now relocated together to Charlotte, NC where they will both continue their careers and begin their forever, together.